OAnyway, today I broke open a 9oz/300g cask of raw almonds, which will be distributed in 1oz portions amongst small airtight "snack" bags. I only recently added them to my diet, because I discovered at least four reliable sources for them.

Of course, "reliability" of supply of unprocessed food has been problematical since before the beginning, and in this case I noticed though without much concern the fact that the foil vacuum-holding internal lid wasn't a perfect reverse dome, but wrinkled. External air pressure differences between here and the packaging plant? Microbial activity? One of the corollaries of "the five second rule" seems to be that any food whose label contains the word "natural" by definition cannot be anything except the exact, diametric opposite of harmful.

Which brings me to my point: toasting almonds.

I tried this according to a Gooogled formula which recommends a roasting temperature below 180F, but the measured minimum of my electric oven is 200F (which btw matches the lowest numbered setting of the oven control quite precisely). Vital oils and taste and so forth are alleged to be lost at even slightly higher temperatures. I tried an hour at 200F, once, and it made slightly crunchier but didn't really seem to affect the taste. Since then, I haven't bothered.