It's a new regime.  The apartment above was being worked on sporadically
in the three preceding weeks, and my inconditioning has been including
the risset acceralando almost constantly during the day during that.

So a new resident apparently moved in last Friday (the 25th), and there's
been a huge number of explosive floor events above (dropping things, sudden
flurries of very heavy footsteps).  It woke me up this morning about 7,
along with the usual dumping the Wolf does in the back outside my
bedroom at that time.  (Which is a story in itself.)

So I'm a little sleep short today.

I got my nails done (classic French manicure, white tips and clear polish
only), and then talked to the woman for an hour about this and that.
And got started late, so I missed my nap.  Feeling very fatigued at
this moment (2145, 9:45PM).  But that experience was unbelievable,
because after my nails were dry, someone came in to get a haircut,
and I actually read a little while I was waiting to pay, instead of
immediately bustling off.  This isn't typical behavior for me, though
probably more pleasant.

But in spite of that I finished a Perl script to intermittently bring
in the inconditioning with random gaps.  Also, and just as big, I
took concrete steps today (rearranging speakers) to begin to move away
from the idea of responding to irritation with irritating behavior of
my own.  This is a step toward articulating and developing the idea
of "inconditioning" more thoroughly.  It's been demonstrably albeit
qualitatively beneficial, I think, because at this point I could easily
lapse into impulsive demonstrations, but I feel hardly tempted at all
to do that.  And I belive that is precisely because inconditioning my
auditory environment has in fact been instrumental in ameliorating the
effects of my extreme mood changes, both physiologically and socially.

The idea of inconditioning is to regulate mood by regulating an
aspect of the personal environment that's not often considered as a
discrete sensory input: what one hears that, categorically, isn't music.
(Though that wonderful "accelerando" is very music-like in some of its
characteristics.)  The goal is to establish a center of physical energy
deployment above "depression", and as well, keep that inconditioned
center as a reference point for helping avoid extreme elevations of mood.
Which I'm also apt to experience.  And which is why I can't use music
_per se_, because music moves that center around.  Though
now I'm thinking I might try fugues, at 70 dbA one foot from a speaker...