I buy them two at a time because there's a very good chance that one of the the two filaments in one of the bulbs will be not working when I first turn it on. Why is this? Any given incandescent bulb will work out of the box, even the cheapest one. It might work only a few dozen hours, granted, but it won't be, you know, pre-burnt-out.

Really, the second time I encountered this I thought to myself, "This must actually be a selling point! An advantage! I don't have to use up electricity before it's time to buy a new one!"

And I keep buying them. If there were a best part, that would be it. But I like to be able to (theoretically) change the ambience of my living area with the turn of a switch.

It would be really nice if technology (in this case manufacturing quality control) actually worked the majority of the time. But it really only barely works in the first place.

I suppose, though, I shouldn't complain too much, because I am in fact so lazy that I am indeed willing to tolerate one of the filaments being burnt out for weeks and months at a time. Yes. I'm not a very good consumer. So that must be it. After all, how can the market possibly be wrong, or do wrong?

So, my provisional conclusion, one of many, you may be sure, is that one gets the level and quality of technology one deserves. Another is that technology on the whole more or less sucks.

I'm glad we had this little chat.